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Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

When it comes to holy grail products I really only have one. That is good old petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline. If I was forced to only use one product for the rest of my life this would be it! Vaseline is something I cannot live without. I keep a small tube in my purse and a large jar of it at home. I use it for so many things.

1. Makeup Remover

Eyeshadow can be so hard to remove. I take a Q-tip and put a little Vaseline on the area that has excess eyeshadow, then I take a warm towel and wipe it off. The Vaseline takes makeup off instantly. You don't have to scrub your face roughly for it to come off. At night, I put a light layer all over my face then take my makeup off.

2. Moisturizer/Lip Balm

This is the most obvious use for Vaseline. When I do at home pedicures, I massage on a bunch of Vaseline and then put on thick socks. It keeps my feet soft and hydrated. The Aquaphor that I keep in my bag is usually used for my lips and hands.

3. Highlighter

I am currently using a mix of MAC's Soft & Gentle and Gold Deposit powder highlighters. It gives a nice glow but I feel like cream highlighters are a little more intense. Before I add my powder highlighter, I put a little Vaseline on my face right where I am going to apply highlighter. This helps to create a cream like base for your powder. Then I put my highlighter on top. Sometimes I might mix them together on my hand before applying, but I usually use this method. I heard Vaseline can be used alone as a highlighter to give a nice natural glow. This works, but I found that after a few minutes it just soaks into my skin.

4. Edge Control

Whenever I am out of edge control I use my handy Vaseline. I use it pretty often because edge control can be a little pricy these days. All I do is apply it to my edges like normal, then wrap my satin scarf around my head for a few minutes so it stays.

5. Eyebrow Gel

As much as I love Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow setting clear gel. It's hard for me to spend $22 for a small tube of it. I used to use edge control to set my eyebrows after filling them in. I saw this trick on YouTube and it works great! After running out of edge control one day, I tried setting my brows with Vaseline. Worked like a charm! The key is to only use a small amount with an eyebrow spoolie.

6. Lashes

My lashes are naturally long and full so I am not sure if Vaseline really makes them longer or not. I haven't noticed a big difference in that department. I do, however, still put it on my lashes at night to first remove my mascara, then to hydrate my lashes. Mascara can be really drying and can cause breakage. It's good to rehydrate your lashes, just as you would your hair.

I hope some of these tricks help you! Maybe now you'll add Vaseline to your list of holy grail products too.


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