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Hello Fall !

I'm in disbelief that it really is fall already. This year is going by so fast. I'm not complaining because I am ready for the New Year. On the other hand, I am complaining because I don't want the cold Minnesota winter that will be headed our way within the next few months. Ehh *thumbs down

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Pumpkin goodies, bonfires, and Halloween; Oh yes! From a fashion standpoint, I love Fall because I have a crazy obsession with coats and dark/warm colors like burnt orange, brown, red, and olive green. A nice coat bosses up every outfit and warm colors just make you feel good, lol.

Photo Credit: L.Bellamy Imagery

Primp - Faux Fur Vest | Nordstrom - Leggings | Charlotte Russe - Shoes | H&M - Belt | DressMeWet - Necklaces | Aldo - Clutch

Here I turned a faux fur vest into a shirt by adding a belt from H&M. I wanted to keep all eyes on the fur vest so I paired it with some basic black Topshop leggings from Nordstrom. They are thick and warm, a must have for the colder weather. My necklaces are from DressMeWet. Definitely check out the link to the site below. They have amazing accessories and are based right here in Minnesota. Support your local businesses!

***Note, I will be selling these shoes as well as a few other new and gently used items on Poshmark. I hope to have pictures of everything up by next week. I've only worn these once, and will be selling them for only $10. Follow me on Poshmark @Brinabby26.

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