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How to Start Your Own Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Blogging is becoming very popular these days. There are blogs for just about anything you can think of; food, fashion, makeup, entertainment, etc. It is becoming a great way to express yourself and build your brand.

Are you interested in starting a blog? Here are a few tips on how to get started with building your very own blog.

1. Pick a Unique Name - the name of your blog should be easy to remember and it should describe the vibe you want your blog to project. Once you have your name, you can either buy your domain name right away or wait until you have an audience. I did not buy my domain name right away because I wanted to make sure blogging was something I was really committed to before spending money. I had a blog host based URL for a while; it was Now that I bought my domain name, my URL is the title of my blog;

2. Find a Blog Host - the top two blog hosting websites are Wordpress and Google Blogger. Both are free to start. There is a Wordpress option that you have to pay for, but I wouldn't recommend paying for your site until you get some loyal readers. I am currently using Google Blogger and I love it! It is easy to navigate.

3. Look for a Nice Web Design - You can find web designs for as little as $5 on sites like Etsy. I usually opt for simple black and white web designs. I want the main focus to be on my blog posts. Choose a web design that best describes your personality and blog name.

4. Take Good Quality Photos - Clear, bright photos are a must for a successful blog. Nobody wants to look at dull, blurry photographs. You can find a friend and take some shots with your iPhone or a digital camera. Most of the time I collaborate with a few photographers for my pictures, but all of the object photos that are on my blog are taken by me with my iPhone. Every blog article should have at least one picture that goes with the title of your post. People love visuals!

5. Write Good Content - I've learned that people love short and informative blog posts. If I wrote a blog post that was 5 pages long, chances are nobody would read the whole thing. It's important to write good content and get straight to the point. Use spell check and reread all material before you actually post it.

A bonus tip; always be yourself. People are mainly reading your blog for your personality and to see who you really are. Don't copy other people, keep original content and post consistently. Also, make sure to use social media platforms like Instagram to promote your blog so people know about it.

Happy blogging.

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