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Perspex Boots

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

Keeping my head, heels, and standards high in Perspex boots today. Perspex has been trending since Yeezy season 2. I have to admit, Kanye West sure knew what he was doing with this trend. Everyone has been trying to get their hands on a pair of clear heeled shoes.

Revolve - Stretta Skirt | Dry Goods - Blouse | Ego - Shoes | Express - Bralette | Nordstrom - BP. Sunglasses

I love the look that Perspex shoes give. They offer a street style edge to any outfit. Now are they comfortable? Hmm, that's debatable. Since these are thick heels the heel itself is comfortable, yes. But because of the plastic material, they make your feet sweat like crazy! A tip I learned is to take a safety pin and poke small holes along the toe and sole to let a little bit of air in. I personally suggest buying the open toed shoes if you really want these. Poking holes just wasn't enough for me. As cute as these are, I wish I would've just bought the clear Perspex strappy sandals. I probably would've gotten more use out of those. Who knows, I might order them! lol

Any thoughts/questions about these shoes or the outfit I paired with them? Comment below.

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