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Reflecting: What is this blog's purpose?

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

Lately I've been reflecting and asking myself, "what is your purpose for this blog?" Staying confident in my journey is something I battle with sometimes. I follow some amazing and successful bloggers who have been blogging for years with over 200k followers. Some have teams, personal photographers to follow them around daily, and are able to devote 100% of their time to blogging. It's their career! Oh, how I wish I had that luxury already! It can be hard to stay focused on where I am at in the process and appreciate it.

Fashion in general is a very fast pace, competitive industry. It's been important to me to figure out my direction and my niche. What do I have to bring to the table? I've noticed that I find the most pleasure in outfits that take little to no time to put together and provide comfortability. My goal is to inspire and show others how to dress well without spending 2-3 hours getting ready. I work a regular 9-5 day job Monday-Friday and it can be really hard to get up earlier than what I already have to, to put together some complicated outfit, do my hair, and makeup. I love my sleep, lol.

Each month I will start incorporating a few work wear looks that can be worn in the office by day and to happy hour by night. I also am challenging myself to work within my own closet for the month of November. Meaning I cannot buy not one single item, lol. It's nice to watch people wear new and unpractical stuff daily on Instagram, but lets be realistic. Nobody has money for all of that; not the average working person anyways. If I buy something, I want to make good use out of it and be able to style it a bunch of ways.

I want to teach and inspire women (and men) to look and feel great without breaking their bank account and/or sacrificing their time. Because we all know.... "Time is Money!"

I have a few projects and some goals in mind for 2017. They are not quite done yet so it's too early to share. I will say that I have been trying new things and am slowly figuring out what I am all about.

Thanks to everyone for the support! Words can't describe how much I appreciate you. &

Also, if anyone has anything they'd want to see or know more about, let me know. I could always use blog post ideas. :)



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