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Sleek Bun Tutorial

Photo Credit: L.Bellamy Imagery

Buns are my "go to" hairstyle lately. I have been trying to stay away from using heat on my hair as much as possible. Here is a brief walk through on how I achieve my classic low bun.


- KeraCare edge control

- Moroccan oil

- Bristle brush

- Wide tooth comb

- Bun maker

- Bobby pins

- Small elastic ponytail holders

1. First I comb out my hair in sections with a wide tooth comb to get out any knots. Then I add some Moroccan oil and part my hair if I want a part.

2. I take my edge control and place it on my edges. KeraCare is honestly the best edge control I have ever used. Then I use my bristle brush and brush my hair into a ponytail. I want my ponytail to be as sleek as possible.

3. Once my hair is in a ponytail I take my conair bun maker and put it around my hair.

4. I spread my hair out evenly around the bun maker and place another binder around my now, bun.

5. I take the ends of my hair and wrap it around the bun using bobby pins to secure it.

6. I use my edge control to fix my baby hair, then I wrap my scarf around my head and leave it on while I do my makeup, get dressed, etc. Usually at least 5 minutes. This just keeps everything slicked back and holds it in place for the entire day.

I hope this walk through was of some use.

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