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Talks with GOD

Dear Diary, -- Dear GOD,

I am changing.

I barely know who I am anymore. I'm going through things that I've never been through before. Feelings that I have never felt. Some things are painful, others are joyful. My thoughts and beliefs are different. Things that I thought I knew about, it seems like I now know little to nothing at all.

I know that change happens, but this feels too sudden. The way I used to do things is no longer working for me. I can no longer hide behind the curtain and push my feelings to the side.

Everything is so overwhelming. I feel like I am going to explode... I have exploded.

My mind is wild and my heart is anxious. I wish I knew why I felt like this or why my mind wonders off the way that it does. I wish I knew how to make it stop. Maybe one day I will get better at riding the wave that life brings my way. But as of right now, I am lost.

Lord, I thank you for blessing me with life and love. I thank you for your continued faithfulness even when I am unfaithful to you. I ask for your forgiveness for all of my past mistakes. I ask that you please help guide me and everyone else that is going through difficult times right now. I pray for peace of mind, body, and spirit. I pray for understanding and healing. In you, is where I put all of my trust. I know your work isn't finished and I have faith that things will get better.

In Jesus' Name,


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