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What I Wore

It's always good to mix things up and step outside of your norm. Up until this past year, I was not a fan of wearing sneakers; except for in the gym of course. My shoe collection resulted in heels, boots, and sandals. Now I find myself eyeing trainers when I'm shopping in the mall. I love how pumas and adidas are really making a strong comeback.

As a birthday gift, my boyfriend bought me a pair of all black huaraches. I was extremely grateful since these babies have been on my wish-list for quite some time. I was able to break them in during the Drake x Future concert that was in Minnesota towards the end of July. Once again I forgot to take a picture of my outfit that night. Ugh!

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

Since I was unable to show you guys what I wore to the concert I thought I'd put the look back together and do a blog post about it. I basically wore this same exact outfit except I wore jeans instead of shorts and I left my hair down curly. I wanted to keep the overall look sexy and laid back. I opted for an all black mesh bodysuit with a cute lace bralette to keep things girly. The bomber jacket paired with sneakers kept the look very laid back and sporty. The best of both worlds!

Top & Jacket are old, Can't remember where but brands are: ONE - Bodysuit | Collective Concepts Bomber Jacket | Champs Shoes | Express Bralette | Foreign Exchange Shorts (old)

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