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Last Fall Dress...

Giving you legs one last time before winter officially arrives...

I found this pretty caramel colored dress at Nordstrom. I added a belt to the midsection to accessorize and define my shape. The dress alone didn't do my curves any justice. I've learned that for my body type, something has to be form fitting. Meaning, if I wear loose fitted jeans my top has to be fitted, and if I wear a loose top I have to wear skinny jeans with it. If I went loose 100%, I'd look bigger than what I really am. *Sigh, I guess only Rihanna has the luxury of wearing whatever and still looking great! lol, jk.

It's getting cold here in Minnesota, fast. I don't play any games when it comes to snow and cold weather. I will be bundled up in layers this winter. lol The older I get, the more I cannot stand the cold. It snowed yesterday and I thought I was going to die walking to and from my car after work. :(

I hope everyone stays warm!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nordstrom - Dress & Belt | Naked Wardrobe - Sheer Duster | BCBGeneration - Shoes

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

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