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Timing is Everything

For a while I have been trying to force things into being successful overnight. From my relationship, to my blog, to my fitness goals. I've tried 1000 workarounds to try and reach my vision of success faster. Trying all of these fad diets, stressing over what to post to attract more readers, and expecting the differences within my relationship to be fixed overnight; none of it brought success. If anything it was a waste of time and energy.

I wasted so much time trying these crappy diets when I could have spent that time eating right and working out in the gym. Now here I am. The diets didn't last, and I am starting all over again. I spent so much time worrying about what other people will like instead of just posting what I wanted to talk about, that days/weeks went by and I ended up not posting anything on my blog. In my relationship we both forced something that we both wanted, but knew we weren't ready for. We moved in together too soon and instead of taking a step back, we tried to force it to work.

Sometimes what we need is time and patience. I know that life moves so fast that we all think there isn't enough time and we don't have any time to waste, but the truth is... we don't have control over everything. Our lives revolve around God's timing, not our own. Things will happen, when he says it's the right time.

Staying consistently on top of my workouts and food intake will have me meet my fitness goal. Consistently posting on my blog and staying true to myself and what I want to write about will help me gain more readers and success. Taking a step back in my relationship to figure out ourselves while recognizing our differences may not be what I want, but it is healthy. And in the end it will help us maintain a relationship.

The point is, timing is everything. Trying to force things to happen sooner than they are supposed to will cause more damage than good. Real success doesn't come overnight and if it does, it usually doesn't last. You may have to get knocked down before really coming up. But anything worth having doesn't come easy! Be patient and give it time.

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

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