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Introvert vs. Extrovert?

An introvert is a person who is predominatly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings more than the outside world. It is basically someone who often finds themself inside their head. They are typically more reserved and think things through before acting or responding. Introverts get tired after a lot of social interaction and need time alone to recharge. Usually an introvert would rather spend his/her time at home reading or practicing other hobbies.

Strengths: Creative, great listener & observer, compasionate, independent

Misconcenptions: All introverts are shy, they don't like people/anti-social

An extrovert is someone who is predominatly concerned with external things; the outside world. They are usually more outgoing and sociable. An extrovert would rather be at a party or social event on a Friday night. They get energy from social interaction and get anxious or bored when they have too much alone time. About 75% of the general population consists of extroverts.

Strengths: Great networkers, make friends easily, good at small talk

Misconceptions: Self absorbed, attention seeking, they are always out, have a lot of friends

Which personality type do you identify more with?

Now, the main difference between the two is how each person received their energy. Keep in mind that personality does play a role too. You are not defined by just extrovert or introvert. You may even be a little bit of both.

My Story:

I, myself didn't even know about the two types of people until after I graduated high school. After reading about introversion vs. extroversion it did spark my interest because it was the answer to why I always felt a little different. I identify as being more introverted, and since we live in a predominatly extroverted society, introversion is often looked at as weird. I learned it's usually because people simply don't know about the two personality types.

As I am getting older I am realizing that I am a bit of both. I do like to party and meet people, but my downtime is also very important to me. I love attending different social events, but I am not the type of person to "work the room" and leave with 10 business cards. I generally meet a few people and engage in conversation with them. I am a better writer than I am a networker. (hince: Why I have a writing blog).

You should embrace which ever personality trait you have. There are strengths within each. It's important to understand one another and work together. I have some introverted friends who I can relate to very well & share some very creative ideas with. I also have a large number of extroverted friends who I love dearly. They take me out of my comfort zone and bring out another side of me. lol, my turn up friends. Both play a tremendous part in my self growth and create a nice balance in my life.

Photo Credit: Clarke Sanders

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