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Around this time last year I wrote a blog post called 'Quarter-Life Crisis'. That post talked about how lost I was at that stage in life. I was experiencing friend breakups, worked for a company in a field that I didn't really enjoy anymore, I started doubting my passions, and I just overall was having a really tough time finding myself.

Now a year later, age 24, I see that things do get better.

*I've lost a lot of friends over this past year. Although some of those losses hurt deeply, I also have made a lot of new meaningful friendships as well.

*I was blessed with a new job opportunity to work in a field that I love and was able to leave my desk job of 6+ years behind.

*I've made a conscious decision to move back home for a few months and I went from living check to check with no savings, to now having a coma in my savings account and a monthly savings plan. ;)

*I managed to start my own T-Shirt business as a side hustle and to further build my 'Fierce & Flawed' brand.

*I've registered for school and decided that my Bachelor's degree is worth pursuing.

*Self care is a high priority in my life now. I make sure I am taken care of at the end of the day. I don't force myself to do things if I don't want to. I take time during the week to self reflect, workout, and make sure I have enough peace and positivity in my life.

*I'm exploring new things! Taking on new challenges/hobbies.

*I stopped holding unrealistic expectations for myself. The idea that I have to be this perfect little human who never disappoints or f**ks up is absurd. Your 20's are often times full of mistakes and learning lessons. Nobody is perfect.

*Everybody else can believe in X,Y, & Z ... while I believe in A. IT IS OKAY!!!

*Most importantly, I'm kind and patient with myself. Life doesn't have to be completely figured out right away. Enjoying the ride and learning as you go holds more value then you think.

I'm not saying that now I have all of the answers. Life is still, life. It sucks at times. But whatever you're going through or however you are feeling, just know that things do slowly get better. Sometimes you have to lose yourself, before you truly find yourself. You have to get rid of toxic relationships to make room for new, healthy relationships. Everything won't all make sense right away, things won't always go as planned. You're going to feel stuck. And It is all OKAY! Appreciate your journey.

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

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