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Dear Regular Girls: 'You Are Enough'

Beat faces, six inch heels, bundles, and ass shots. Oh, and lets not forget about all of the photoshop and airbrushing. All of these seem to be the norm on social media these days. Men want a bad b**ch and women want to be one.

But what about the regular girls?

The girls with style and grace. The girl who dresses for herself and not just for one uncomfortable social media photo. The girl who, likes a little makeup, but is just as confident about stepping outside without it. The girl that doesn't have a tiny waist and a huge ass but appreciates the body she was born with.

What about the beauty she holds? Is it no longer noticed? Appreciated?

I say the hell with temporary social fads. You don't have to have a coke bottle shape, 26 inches of hair, and eyelash extensions for someone to recognize the power of your own beauty. Regular girls ARE enough! Natural beauty is beauty in it's purest original form. It's unique and original. Nothing can and will ever be better than that.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying makeup, weave, or lash extensions. But there is also nothing wrong with just not being into that stuff. You don't have equal up to what society's expectations are to be a 'baddie'. Quite frankly, in my opinion, the real 'baddies' are the girls who are themselves, original and not trying to simply look and be like everyone else.

This right here is exactly why I love artists like SZA, Sabrina Claudio, and Ella Mai. They represent the "regular girls" so beautifully. They remind me of the 90's when celebrity women let their natural beauty and personality shine through.

"Beauty is NOT Flawless; it Shines Even Through Your Flaws"

Stay Fierce & Flawed Beauties! <3



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