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Ways Of The World

"Be leery 'bout your place in the world You're feeling like you're chasing the world You're leaving not a trace in the world But you're facing the world"

- Solange Knowles

MOOD - Always... now, later, forever ...

Self discovery is on-going. It's tough and just when you think you've finally found yourself... you'll realize that you've changed once again, and it will be a new process all over again. The cruel world we live in is to thank for that. No matter how big of a heart you have, how kind, loving, and forgiving you are ... the ways of the world will try to change you, tear you down and break you apart. Don't let it, don't give up, ever ... not on yourself, or anyone you love.

Express- Jeans & Necklace | Target- Tank Top & Cardigan | Aldo- Boots | Coach- Bag | H&M- Glasses

[Photo Credit: Kendall Holt]

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