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Keeping it Low-Key

Where have I been? That is the question...

I've been really low-key since the New Year. I wasn't really feeling the direction my blog was headed. I needed some time to think about what exactly I am trying to accomplish and share with you all. After a while I started to get caught up in the blogging trends. Thinking I needed to do and cover it all.

Now, I am just done with all of that. For now on everything I share with you all on here is going to be because I am genuinly passionate about the subject. I want this blog to be a complete diary/reflection journal for myself. Although I love sharing my outfits and putting looks together, my life involves so many other things that I think would be therapeutic for me to write about.

No more trends! All you get is me, my style, & my journey.

oh yeah,

Happy New Year! <3


Sorry guys! Most of the items I am wearing I've had for a little while and are no longer available. I hope this look can at least provide you with some inspiration.

Express- Skirt | Aura Boutique- Crop Sweater | Agaci- Boots | Target- Bag | H&M- Camel Coat | Quay Australia - Sunglasses

[Photo Credit: Kendall Holt]

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