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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It's that time of the year again! Time to celebrate LOVE.

Are you in need of a few new date night ideas? Look no further! Here are five unique romantic ideas to spice up your Valentine's Day this year.

1. Romantic Dinner for Two - At Home

No need to go out to an expensive restaurant to wine and dine your significant other. Create a private intimate dinner for the two of you right at home. Google a good recipe, grab a bottle of wine, create a playlist, and decorate your home with rose pedals and candles.

2. Horse And Carriage Ride

What's more romantic than touring the city by horse and carriage? Pack a blanket and some hot cocoa to keep you warm while you enjoy the city lights. February can get pretty cold so you'll have to snuggle close and keep each other warm. ;)

3. Attend a Poetry Slam

"Who am I? Well they call me brother to the night. And right now I am the blues in your left thigh... trying to become the funk in your right. Is that alright?"

- Darius Lovehall (Love Jones)

How many of you can say you've attended a poetry slam with your partner before? My guess is, not very many of you. Get out and try something new together! After all, poetry is the original language of love and romance.

4. Do An Activity Together

I don't know about you, but my favorite part of Valentine's Day is spending quality time together. Learning a new activity together is a great way to create new memories. You can try taking a dance class, a cooking class, or maybe even a paint night.

5. Get A Couples Massage

Get creative with this one! Surprise your partner by ordering an in-home couples massage. A professional will come over, set up their tables, and massage the two of you together in the comfort of your own home. Another great option is booking a hotel in your hometown for a staycation and getting massages at the hotel's spa.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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