Sabrina Adams

Hello, My name is Sabrina, a 26 year old blogger born and raised in Minnesota. Fierce and Flawed started in 2014 as a personal style and self expression outlet but it wasn't introduced to the world until early 2016. I've always loved expressing myself through my personal style and writing. When I am bored I'm always in my closet trying new things on together to see what I can create. In a world where fashion is now being taken a little too seriously, I still find the "fun" in it. 


The name, Fierce and Flawed, was inspired by finding the beauty in every imperfection As I learn myself more and more each day, I am doing just that. Accepting my flaws and loving myself for who I am. This blog was created to not only share my personal style, but to also share my journey as a human being. Dressing well and looking good is great, but an outfit cannot hide insecurities, self doubt, or many of the other struggles we deal with in our lifetime. Fierce and Flawed is meant to nurture not only outer beauty but inner beauty as well. The goal is to always live healthy, both mentally and physically. 


I hope that through my writing I am able to inspire girls to find self acceptance and embrace all that comes with them. After all, nothing makes an outfit like confidence does!  



Good health + style will have you ‘Slayin’ All Day’, the right way.

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