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Foreign Exchange Cardigan | H&M Jeans | BCBG Generation Shoes | Target White Tank & Necklace | Michael Kors Bag

In an attempt to learn more about photography for blogging purposes, I've been studying the importance of natural sunlight lately. Who would've thought great pictures can be taken just by using your phone. I was so amazed at how these pictures turned out. Especially considering neither my friend nor I are professionals, lol. The sunlight was perfect by the river; but don't let it fool you, it's getting pretty cold here in Minnesota.

I recently picked up a few winter weather appropriate items, which included this cardigan from Foreign Exchange in the Mall of America. I have an obsession with cardigans and easy throw on comfy sweaters this year. They are so simple and with the right accessories you can really dress them up well.

Along with shopping for winter I also had to stock up on more basics. I absolutely have to recommend Target's tank tops for anyone looking for nice quality at a great price. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable yet stylish tanks I have found.

BCBG Generation killed it with the shoe collection this past summer. There were four or five pair that I wanted but I settled for these babies. I am of course a heel chic. I would wear heels everyday if it were practical with my day to day activities. I usually go for a minimal heel that offers a little something extra in the style department. My preferred heel height is now around 4.5 inches, maybe a little taller. I'm not really into platforms or the 6 inch heels these days.

It's funny that I actually chose this Michael Kors bag for this look. While I do adore this bag, I don't wear it very often. It's a little big in size for daily errands. I always joke with my friends that when I bring this bag out it always needs it's own chair, lol. It's too big to squeeze beside me. You'll notice in most of my posts I will usually carry a small or mid-size bag.

Any who, enough with my babbling. I had no intention of this post being so long, lol. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

[Photo Credit: Nadia Jones]

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