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Mixing and Matching

Photo Credit: L.Bellamy Imagery

Express Jeans | Foreign Exchange Top | BCBG Generation Shoes | Francesca's Purse

These BCBG nude pumps are my favorite, if you can't tell by now, lol. You'll see a lot of pieces being mix and matched on my blog. I love recreating different looks without having to buy a totally new outfit from head to toe. I used to buy a piece and only wear it once to an event, then it would just sit in my closet until I got rid of it. That was such a waste of money. Now I've changed my strategy. Usually, I will only buy a piece if I know I will wear it more than once.

Pinks and nudes are such a nice spring/summer color. I paired this off the shoulder top with the same girlfriend jeans that I wore in my "High Slits and Turtlenecks" post. These jeans are super comfy, even though I have no butt in them, haha.

Oh, I also will be doing my curly hair routine post very soon. Look out for that! :)

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