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Band T's - (Collab) Part 1...

Ending the year off with a Collab! Ah, the benefits of having friends of all trades; your hair always stays slayed and outfit on point. Quay did her sew-in and my braids, our band T's were made by my friend Nadia, and our outfits were styled by me.

Quay has been doing my hair since middle school and I can honestly say, I have never been disappointed. She pretty much does it all, from natural styles and blow outs to braids and sew-ins. I usually have been just getting my natural hair done these days; but these braids!!! Let me tell you, they made my week so much easier and gave my hair the break that it needed from heat and tension. Her sew-in weaves look so natural and she's also good with frontals and closures.

I wanted to create two different looks with distressed band T's. Nadia has been bleaching and distressing T's for herself for years. She just recently started selling them to other people and I, of course, had to get me one. My outfit is more of a grunge look with a leather skirt, and longline bomber jacket. While Quay's outfit is a chic band T look with a beautiful camel coat and jeans.

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In 2017, I want to add onto my blog and take it to a higher level. My goal is to work harder to produce content more frequently and showcase it in a variety of different ways.

To be continued...

Sabrina's Look:

Nadia Jones - Band T-Shirt | Leather Skirt (Old) | Forever 21 (Men) - Longline Bomber Jacket | Target - Choker | A'Gaci - Boots

Quay's Look:

Nadia Jones - Band T-Shirt | H&M - Jeans | H&M - Camel Coat | A'Gaci - Diamond Choker | Aldo - Boots

Photo Credit: Kendall Holt

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